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Is about various things we all have in common. It's about life's purpose, its challenges, one's dreams and the search for it, one's hopes and disappointments, everyone's part in a vision that brings us together.

In all this, each one of us tries to work hard enough to make their dreams and even others' dreams come true. This album was not just one person's dream, it is and will always be the dream of several people, bringing their talents and tools together to make something out of what they have, something "Good" to bring goodness to this world in the hardest times. Just like any other visionary work, this album needs your support, to use the music of our heart and spread goodness, encouragement, awareness, and love for life.We love to perform for audiences,

to hear how our music touches peopl. We appreciate every single encouragement, even a remark that helps us move forward. We love it when people hear and understand our music, and want to share it with others. We love when we can make our music heard everywhere in the world, even in places we have never been. We are thankful when what we put out there from our heart is received warmly and passionately. Many thanks to all of you who are here to support us, emotionally as well as in other creative and practical ways.

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"With Hope"   from the new album   "ANTICIPATION"

HDAQ at Bejazz, Bern

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